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The Oppressed
Nobuo Uematsu / Final Fantasy VII (Original Soundtrack)
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Windy Hill - Zone 1
Tomoya Ohtani / Without Boundaries: Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack Disc 1
29 plays

I’d like to apologize for this blog being overly dead, real like kicked in really hard but updates will become frequent again c:  (hopefully)

Hey guys, Michael here. I realize this is an inactive blog. But im gunna revive it like a champ. #thestruggle

Probably the best Nintendo E3 in a while.

Legitly hyped for multiple titles~

Fucking Tetris in a Chevy Traverse commercial

A new Sonic The Hedgehog game, “Sonic Excursion” is rumored to be said to be development and is going to release in November for PS3, XBox 360, Wii U, PC, 3DS, PS4, and

"Xbox Infinate"

New name for the next Xbox console? Maybe so

All said to be rumos

Also the 3DS version won’t be developed by DIMPS.

Wonderland's Surprises
Yoko Shimomura / Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts / Field & Battle

Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections - Wonderland’s Surprises 

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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Info

Just a little bit of new info on the upcoming DKCR port.

  • The game includes brand new content made just for the 3DS
  • Even a brand new surprise awaits players once they have conquered all the Special Stages (Virtual Boy Levels?)
  • Can play with a friend through local play 
  • Also a new difficulty mode in the game
  • It makes the game easier for players and gives them three hearts instead of the two
  • Also new items to buy in Cranky’s Shop
  • The items include: One that saves you from falls, extra health for Mine Carts and Rocket Barrels, and the ability to use DK barrels whenever you like
  • More screens of the game here

Donkey Kong Country Returns will be out May 24th in both North America and Europe.

Pokemon X and Y New Pokemon Gameplay

New Mewtwo evolution?